Top 9 Football Betting Tips: Learn How To Bet Online and Win

There are lots of methods that people explore in order to make money, and betting on football or soccer matches is one of them. However, if you simply throw money at football betting without a clue as to what you are doing, then you are only going to lose money, not win!

Making money on football betting is possible, but only if done properly. Lots of people have made big amounts of cash betting on the outcome of football games, but just as many people have lost plenty too. The people who won knew what they were doing, and the people who lost didn’t – that is the key difference.

If you are interested in betting on football in the hope of winning money, and you want to learn how to bet online and win, then here are 9 football betting tips to get you started.

Tip 1 – Learn about football

Learn About Football

You may think you know about football, but actually how much do you know about football? Do you know all about the European Champions League, the African Cup of Nations, the English Premier League and the FIFA World Cup finals? If you do then good … but you are really only scratching the surface. What do you know about MLS, the Jupiler League or the Carabao Cup? Do you know which teams in Switzerland have the best defences, or which clubs in Malawi can boast the best sharp-shooters?

Okay, you do not have to know about EVERYTHING in football to become a successful footballing betting expert, but the more you do know, the better your chances. That’s because there are literally hundreds of football matches all around the world taking place each and every day. The more options you have, the more chance you have to make a winning bet, and the more you know, the more options you have available.

Never bet on anything you don’t know enough about. If you go in ‘blind’ then you are much more likely to pick a loser than a winner.

Tip 2 – Know about the bets

Know about bets

Most people who come into football betting think it is only about picking winners and losers. The reality is that online sportsbooks have paved the way to betting on any aspect of a football game beyond which team is going to win, and which team is going to lose. There are many different types of bet you can choose from, including:

  • Double Chance – you can up chances of winning by adding two outcomes to the same bet. Such as Team A to win or a draw, or Team A and Team B to win (in effect betting on the game not to be a draw)
  • Half Time/Full Time – here you split the game into two events, betting on the team to be leading at half time, and the winners (can, of course, be the same team). Useful for betting on teams that habitually start well then fade.
  • Goals Over/Under – bet on the number of goals in the game, usually under 2.5 goals (0, 1 or 2) or over 3.5 goals (3 or more). Useful when two teams that both score and concede a lot of goals are playing each other.
  • BTTS (yes/no) – BTTS is an acronym for ‘Both Teams to Score’. You can bet on both teams scoring in a game (‘yes’) or at least one team keeping a clean sheet (‘no’). Useful again with teams that score and concede a lot of goals (‘yes’) or when two teams meet who do not score a lot of goals and keep plenty of clean sheets (‘no’).

There are countless factors in a match that you can bet upon, down to the numbers of corners, throw-ins, free kicks, yellow cards and sendings off. The more information you have in your football betting arsenal, the more likely you are to win.

Tip 3 – Keep track of your betting

Track your bets

If you want to bet online and win at football betting, then you need to keep track of what you are doing. Think of your football betting as a second job, or at least a very serious hobby. Keeping records is something that every successful football betting winner does.

Keep details of the bets you make (competition and teams), the kind of bet involved, the amount you stake, the odds you received from your online sports book, and whether you won or lost. This will, at the very least, allow you to keep track of your profit and loss.

You don’t have to get too technical when keeping track – a simple spreadsheet or even a paper record will do.

By keeping track of your betting you can spot successful and unsuccessful trends. Perhaps you have a decent betting record on a particular competition. Perhaps your BTTS bets always tend to be losers. Maybe you are very good at predicting games that involve more than 2.5 goals.

By analysing your betting you can see what you are successful at betting on, and what you are unsuccessful at betting on. You can increase your profits by ramping up the bets on the former, and decreasing your bets on the latter.

Tip 4 – Win small often

Win small often

When someone has a salaried position, do they get their money in one massive lump at the start of the year, or do they get it paid in instalments either weekly or monthly? The answer is the latter, and you should treat your football betting the same.

If you expect to wager big amounts of cash (as much as you can afford) on a single event with huge odds and win, time and time again, then you are going to be very disappointed. The best football betting experts are those who bet small amounts on bets with small yet positive odds in their favour. You could bet ₦1,000 on an event with odds of 11.0 (10/1) or ₦100 on ten events with odds of 2.0 (Evens). You could win ₦10,000 on the first bet but there is a 90 percent chance that you won’t. You could win ₦100 on each of the second set of bets (total ₦1,000) but there’s only a 50 percent chance that each bet will fail.

Also, with the first bet if it loses (and there is a 90% chance that it will), then you lose everything. With the second bet all ten bets would have to lose in order for you to lose everything, which is extremely unlikely.

Successful football bettors are those who follow the ‘bet small, win often’ mantra as opposed to the ‘bet big, lose often’ mantra.

Tip 5 – Establish a football betting bankroll

Establish bankroll

The worst thing you can do if you want to make money betting on football is to throw money at it, and then throw more when you lose. Before you know it, you could find yourself experiencing stark financial difficulties.

To prevent this from happening, establish a monthly football betting bankroll. Say you set your bankroll at ₦50,000. If you have a bad week and lose it all quickly, then do not be tempted to ‘reload’ your bankroll in the hope that you win back once you have lost. This is known as ‘chasing your losses’ and is the most direct path to football betting rack and ruin.

When your money for the month has gone, it’s gone. Wait until the next month swings around before you start upping your football betting again. Spend the time analysing the bets you have made, and try and find out why you lost so badly, and so quickly.

At the other end of the scale if you manage to double your bankroll during the month, then you should stop too. The idea of football betting is to make a profit. Once you have doubled your money stop, as you may lose your profit for the month.

Only increase your starting bankroll once you have doubled it. In the example we have been following, your annual bankroll is ₦600,000. Once your bankroll has reached ₦1,200,000 feel free to double your monthly bankroll to ₦100,000 per month. You should aim to double your bankroll at least once every two years. This may sound like not much, but if you are successful then after 10 years your bankroll would be ₦4,800,000.

Of course if you want to win more, you need to increase your bankroll from the start, but never, ever gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Tip 6 – Select the right online sports books

Select the right online sports books

You may think that online sports books are a much of a muchness, but that simply is not true. In order to get the most out of your betting, you need to find the sports book that has the most markets and the most betting options. If your current sports book only focuses on the local leagues and (say) the biggest European league, then look elsewhere.

Also look for sports books that have decent reputations, are quick to pay out and do not charge for withdrawals (with successful football betting even the tiniest currency unit counts, so you will not want to waste money paying to withdraw money that is yours anyway). If you find that your current sports book has fostered a large number of complaints during its time in business, then it is time to find a new place to bet.

Tip 8 – Invest in a football tipster site

Invest in a football tipster site

Some football tipping sites say that they will ‘guarantee’ to turn you into a ‘football tipping millionaire’. If you are looking for a football tipping site and find one that makes such promises, then you need to give it a wide berth.

A football tipping site is one that you join and pay a fee to each and every month (or annually). In response to your subscription, you will be given access to the tips that the site provides. The site should also provide a proven track record you can check in order to find out just how successfully a tipping business they actually are.

Some site will have several tipsters, and others will have hundreds! You can see the track record and profit/loss of each tipster so you can choose which tipsters to follow, and which to avoid. By following the most successful tipster, you can maximise your chances of becoming successful too.

You can even – once you become a successful football tipster yourself – set yourself up as a tipster on the site. People will then pay you to follow your tips, as long as you remain a successful tipster.

Signing up for a football tipster site is one way for you to become accustomed to the world of football betting. You can see which bets they select, which teams they follow and which leagues they give the most attention too. After a few months, you should be able to come up with your own successful betting strategy.

Alongside your footballing tipping via the tips site you should also place your own ‘bets’ but just for evaluation purposes as opposed to using real money. Just record the bet and the money you would have made/lost if you had placed money upon it. When your own betting success outpaces the football tipping site’s success, then you know that the time has come to cancel your subscription and go it alone.

Tip 9 – Have fun!

Have fun!

The most important thing about football betting is that it should be entertaining. If you are finding it hard work, or if keeping track of your bets, your comings and goings and your profits and losses is becoming stressful, then football betting is not for you.

You CAN make money football betting, but only if you do it right, take it seriously and it doesn’t cause you untold stress. You can lose money football betting as well as win, so when and if you start to lose more than you win on a continuing basis, then stop.

Good luck with your football betting career, and we hope these 9 football betting tips will come in handy and pave the way to your success.


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