Merrybet Review

This is by far one of the most sought after and used bookmakers in all of Nigeria for both betting and online casino too. It started as only an online casino but soon established itself as a gambling platform too after realizing the huge potential in the betting and lottery industry. It’s operated by Merrybet Gold Limited which was founded by Opeoluwa Fashakin back in 2012. This company is fully licensed to operate its betting site by the LSLB (Lagos State Lotteries Board) which secures punters who register as members.

MerryBet home page

Merrybet has access to many different markets the main one being sports and is known for quick transactions too which are a plus for them hence their popularity. They have a very advanced betting site that is enjoyed by both new and experienced punters. They make a point to keep updating it to provide you with the best markets and information from across the world even in real-time through live betting.

You can transact on this platform easily and can access different Nigerian banks to either deposit funds into your account or withdraw winnings. You’re able to access several customer service features that are ready to assist you with any questions you may have at any time. This is a 24/7 service. The one disappointment with this company, compared to others, doesn’t have the highest odds.

With sports being the main market for this entity, the list of options to choose from is important. You have access to football, basketball, futsal, tennis, cycling, water polo, rugby, snooker, darts, cricket, badminton, Aussie rules, and ice hockey. Other sports include boxing, motorsport, volleyball, handball, American football, MMA, bandy, winter sports, floorball, ski jumping, alpine skiing, among others.

This platform is one of the few that has taken great strides in ensuring customer safety and security is met and maintained. It uses the latest encryption from SSL to secure the sensitive data of its members. There is an increase in data theft and this is a huge relief for punters who have to give out their information to access the site. The encryption keeps data safe and users can trust it won’t be shared with any unauthorized persons.

Merrybet’s Features

One look at this bookmaker’s website and the word that comes to mind is busy. The orange hue strewn all over makes it hard to read some information on the screen. This may be an issue to punters with eyesight difficulties. Easily log in to your account on the home page and place your bets. You can also register an account if you are new to the site.

The list of all the different sports on this platform is well displayed on the left of the homepage. Simply click the one you want to bet on and proceed.  Four sports show the current matches at the center of the platform. They include football/soccer, tennis, ice hockey, and basketball. The main sport is football that shows a list of all the current matches from various leagues across the world.

There is a feature at the bottom left of the screen for ‘how to play’ that directs you to a guide on how to place your bet on this site. This is quite helpful for new users who may be inexperienced in online gambling. You can access live betting and virtual games at the bar on top of the screen too.

Merrybet Promotions and Bonuses

MerryBet benefits

When it comes to attractive bonuses and promotions, this company is lacking which is a bit of a disadvantage. Many new punters are attracted to a site by the different bonuses offered especially the welcome bonus which is not available here. Still, some lucky customers can access promo codes that have to be used in 24 hours or they expire.

This platform has to do more in terms of offering its users promotions and bonuses not only to attract then to sign-up but be active members too. Many of the bonuses and promotions are still predominantly a feature for the online casino market which is where Merrybet ltd. started. The same is yet to catch up with sports betting.

Still, without the availability of many bonuses and promotions, this site has made it possible for users with little money to also place bets. They have some of the lowest betting limits in the whole industry which attracts more punters to it.

Very good for replacing Bet9ja.

Referral Bonus

There is a bonus available for punters who refer friends to this platform. You’re given 50% of the losses of a friend that you recommended to join and bet on the site. Most punters take advantage of this offer to refer as many people as possible which is a win-win for both the one referring and the betting site too.


One of the main promotions of Merrybet Ltd. is its Cashout feature which enables players to access full cash out or partial cash out on a running bet. This helps you get your money back and get out of a bet earlier when you’re not sure of the outcome. You can cut your losses and request all the money offered or only part of it. It’s all up to you. The refunded amount is deposited into your Merrybet account swiftly.

The amount you receive form Cashout depends on the current value of the live market you’d placed your bet on.

Accumulator Bonus

When you place a bet of more than 5 selections, this platform gives you up to a 17% accumulator bonus on your winnings. This is to entice more punters to place multibets.

Registration Process for Merrybet

Registration Process for Merrybet

This platform has made it quite easy for punters to register and run a betting account with them

  • On your internet access device whether PC or phone, open a blank browser page
  • Input the Merrybet official website
  • Click on ‘register’ at the top right corner of the homepage
  • You’ll be directed to a form requiring you to fill it in with information. Ensure you fill in the correct details including the bank account details for easier transacting.
  • Click on ‘register’ once done filling in the form.
  • An activation link will be sent to your email. Click on it to activate your newly registered account.
  • Log in and make your initial deposit to start betting.

Depositing Funds to your Account

Similar to the registration process, it’s easy to deposit funds into your new account too. This is a way most bookmakers use to attract members to transact using their accounts. Like many other betting companies in Nigeria, there are several depositing options available to punters for punters to use.

MerryBet deposit via PAYDirect

Bank Deposit

You can deposit in the Merrybet account of several banks. These banks include First Bank, Zenith Bank, and Diamond Bank. Know the account numbers in advance before making the deposit.

  • Visit the nearest branch of any of the three banks listed above
  • Fill in a deposit slip with the correct details. For First Bank, Account name: Merrybet Gold LTD., Account number: 2023676761, Depositor’s name: Used ID. For Zenith Bank, Account Name: Merrybet Gold LTD., Account Number: 1013182198, Depositor’s name: User ID. For Diamond Bank, Account Name: Merrybet Gold LTD., Account Number: 0034828442, Depositor’s name: User ID.
  • The User ID is your official Merrybet ID displayed on your profile upon login in.

Interswitch Webpay


This is one of the most preferred depositing methods by many punters. You need to have a debit card from Interswitch to access this service.

  • Log into your Merrybet account
  • Click on ‘deposit’
  • Click on ‘Interswitch’
  • Fill in the amount you wish to deposit to start betting then click on ‘next’
  • You’ll incur a fee for the service which will be added to the total amount displayed on your screen to be transacted.
  • Click on ‘confirm’ when the amount is satisfactory
  • Click on ‘accept’ on the transaction ID that appears on your screen then wait to be redirected to the Interswitch page
  • Fill in the correct information on the form provided including the type of card you’re using, the details on the card, and your PIN.
  • This action will send you back to the Merrybet site to view your transaction. When successful, the money will reflect in your account immediately.



This service is available in many ATMs in Nigeria and all you need is a valid ATM to transact together with your Merrybet User ID.

  • Locate the nearest ATM to use
  • Input the card on the slot and key in your PIN
  • Select Quickteller from the list on the screen of the ATM
  • Select ‘paybills’
  • Select ‘others’
  • There are several codes to use to deposit different amounts into your account. Get to know the codes in advance before starting the transaction. For example ‘50801-N500’
  • After filling in the code, key in your User ID
  • Check the name of the merchant to verify then click on ‘accept’ to complete the transaction.
  • Fill in your mobile number to get the transaction receipt and click on ‘proceed’.
  • A message with the transaction details will be sent to your phone and the amount will reflect in your Merrybet account shortly.

Deposit through GT Collections


This is for easy deposit by punters with a GT Bank account and access to their online platform too.

  • Log into your GT account to access the online platform
  • Select ‘payments and collections’
  • Select ‘sports and gaming’
  • Select ‘Merrybet’
  • Click on the option of ‘make new payments’
  • Select the type of payment as ‘top-up’
  • Follow this by filling in the amount you want to deposit and your customer ID for Merrybet
  • Click on the button for ‘continue’
  • Ensure you verify the details or Merrybet before proceeding
  • Give the right answer to the security questions by GTB.
  • Click on the ‘pay’ option’
  • Check on your ‘Merrybet’ account to see if the amount has been credited to your account
  • In case the amount is not transacted, contact GTB customer care.


You can access Paydirect in some banks across Nigeria to deposit funds into your account. These banks include Union Bank, Sterling Bank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Zenith Bank, UBA, Eco Bank, Heritage Bank, Enterprise Bank, First Bank, and Stanbic Bank.

  • Fill in a deposit slip the following Correct details Account Name: PAYDIRECT, Account Number: Your customer ID for Merrybet, Depositor’s name: Your Merrybet Username
  • After completing the slip, take it to the cashier and on top of the money you’re depositing, you’ll pay a service fee of N100.
  • The teller will complete the transaction and the money deposited into your betting account.

Other methods of funding your account to consider include Globalpay deposit and Perfect Money Deposit. Both are online platforms. Select the method that appeals to you and fund your account to start betting.

Withdrawing Winnings

An equally simple withdrawal procedure awaits you as you request to get your winnings from this bookmaker.

  • Open a blank web  browser page and key in the Merrybet website
  • Log into your account using your username and password
  • Click on ‘payouts’ located at the top of the webpage
  • Fill in your bank details on the form provided and the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Click on ‘proceed’
  • The requested amount will be credited into your bank account and Merrybet will charge you N100 for the winnings that you’ve withdrawn.

Customer Support

Despite some flaws in this bookmaker, the one key feature that they have to be applauded for is their customer support. You’re able to access support agents via live chat, email, or phone call for any question that you might have at any moment. These agents have all the information and are very friendly too.

Ask any question regarding any feature on their site that you’re having an issue with be it registration, deposit, withdrawals or even placing a bet. They are ready to help you. Merrybet agents are also available on platforms like WhatsApp that allows real-time conversations to occur. Locate the FAQ page also for this site where you may find an answer to the question you have.

You can leave your views and comments too for this bookmaker in regards to your experience on a form provided for you. This is essential information that allows the company to know what works and what needs more improvement.

Merrybet Mobile Version

This bookmaker has made it easier for users with access to smartphones to use the site easily without being stuck in front of a PC all day. Simply download the iOS or Android version of the app by saving the .apk file and get started today. There are more smartphones available in all of Nigeria than there are laptops and PCs hence the popularity of this App. Merrybet not being one to be left behind has designed a great app for punters to use.

MerryBet mobile version

Most gambling sites in Nigeria have mobile apps. The version available on computers may have some additional information lacking on the app but you’ll note they aren’t very important. All the crucial information about placing bets and transacting is on the app which is what matters most for punters.

The app allows new users to register an account and get started on this betting platform. Simply sign-up, deposit some funds, make your selections, and place your bet. You can easily check on the progress of your bet at any time which makes the app very convenient. Merrybet like other gambling sites in Nigeria with an app has a new version and an old version.

Early app users got used to the old app and it’s become hard for them to adjust to the new sleek version. The new version is sleek and some punters find it hard to navigate easily. This is why it’s been crucial for the company to maintain both. The old version just requires users to click to move on to the next step. The newer version is more detailed and may take time to get used to.

Mobile technology is ever-changing with more advancement being made daily. This may be hard for members who aren’t too used to operating the latest technology to make head or tails of. The new version is fully adjusted to the latest technological advancements. With the new version, you can easily access virtual games and live betting too. This new version even accepts the Cashout request which can be made on it.


There are a lot of advantages that set up this bookmaker to be a top-player in online gambling. It’s taken great strides to make all punters using the site to feel safe, secure, and to have a good experience while gambling. There’s still room for improvement especially on the sports market which is the most popular among Nigerians. This company still dominates the Casino market and has a wide range of activities to take part in for all gamblers.

The website is fairly easy to navigate but some changes need to be made on the different hues used to increase readability. The platform has to do more in terms of bonuses and promotions in sport as most are still predominantly available in the online casino market. Merrybet has done well in providing users with several banking options to transact in. these options make it easy for more people to access the site.

Merrybet logo

This platform gives you up to a 17% accumulator bonus on your winnings.

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