1XBet Review (Nigeria)

Among the top betting sites in Nigeria, 1XBet ranks the highest in terms of punters activity. It was founded in 2011 by Abiodun Babalola. The company has a reputation for having some of the best above average odds in the country. This means that many gamblers get a chance to win more often than they lose.

1XBet has separated itself from the many online gambling sites in Nigeria by ensuring they have special features for its members. Some of these special features include special bets you won’t find anywhere else. That alone is a reason for most punters to sign-up as members and remain active too.

1xBet home page

This company is originally from Europe where it was established back in 2007. It’s slowly been expanding into other parts of the world and now is dominating Africa too. This online bookmaker not only has a virtual presence but also has thousands of agents shops spread across Nigeria. These shops are where punters go to place bets, take part in live betting, among other activities.

The company has done extensive research and availed to its punters several different markets for them to bet on. The most prominent one being sports dominated by Football. Their site has a wide range of products and services that punters have access to for the best online betting experience. You can understand why they rank as one of the top sites in all of Nigeria.

The betting company is fully licensed to operate and runs a very smooth operation. It is registered under the Lagos State Lottery Board License no.001514.  They strive to give members the best experience which keeps them coming back.

1Xbet Website Features

The sportsbook of 1Xbet is quite impressive bringing together a variety of markets under one site. The customers expect only the best and meeting those demands as best as they can have made this company one of the best in the region. The site makes use of blue and white colors that are dominant on the homepage when you load it.

1xBet features

The font used is very visible which also translates to when you load it on the phone too. They have strived to create a better mobile version of the website with the features you can find after loading it on a PC. You can access the real matches to select from on the homepage and place your bets.

This page also includes the portals for registration to become a member and to log in too if you already have an account. The live betting feature is here too which you can click on to see the different live sports available. 1XBet brings to its punters more than 40 different sports from leagues across the world. The main one is of cause football which is what many Nigerians enjoy.

Try to compare with Bet9jaMobile and decide what suits you best.

1Xbet Bonuses and Promotions

This online betting site doesn’t have many promotions or bonuses for its members. This, however, hasn’t affected its popularity. What it lacks in this area it compensates in other features that punters enjoy.

1XbetWelcome Bonus

Like many other companies, this one has managed to give its new members a welcome bonus which helps them feel appreciated as they start betting. A welcome bonus is meant to cushion especially inexperienced punters who may not be able to win on their first bet on the site. It’s also an enticement to register and become active users.

The bookmaker offers its new users up toN35000 bonus for registering and becoming members. The amount is determined by the first deposit you place in your account. First start by registering and activating your account, next deposit funds to it, then wait for the bonus equaling 100% of your deposited amount to be credited to you.

The bonus is however limited to N35000 and has to be used first before you can use the deposited funds. With the bonus sum, you canplace bets using it at no risk because it gives you a cushion. Many bookmakers use this bonus to help punters have a taste of betting which doesn’t involve them losing their funds on their very first bets.

You have to deposit an amount not lower than N100 into your account to get the bonus and start placing bets too. The site asks you to authorize it to give the welcome bonus. You have the option of accepting or rejecting it. You’ll be asked whether you want to ‘take part in the bonus offers’ after successfully registering an account.

How to Register at 1Xbet?

In a similar bid to making punters experience memorable, it’s easy to become a member of this bookmaker. They have made the registration process simple to not frustrate its new users with long tedious requirements.

1xBet registration process

  • Open a blank browser page on your computer. Ensure you have a good internet connection.
  • Write the 1XBet website to get started 1xbet.ng
  • Click on ‘registration’ once the homepage loads
  • You’ll automatically be located as being in Nigeria
  • Select the way you want to register. There are several options available which include one-click registration, phone, email, or social networks. Select the one that best suits you.
  • Fill in the provided form or give the required authorizations to get your account setup and activated.
  • Once your account is up and running, load funds into it and start placing your bets.

Funding 1XBet Account

This bookmaker has made it easy to deposit funds into your account as well. You can see why it’s among the top in the country. It has made available several ways of depositing funds. The difference between 1XBet from other punters is their ability to accept cryptocurrencies and bitcoins too.

1xBet deposit methods

They also use a variety of other methods including Visa, MasterCard, Cashevoy, Payeer, GT Bank, FCMB, Sterling Bank, Neteller, EcoPayz, Perfect Money, and Skrill.

GT Bank online Deposit

You must have an active account with GT Bank to qualify using this method to fund your account.

  • Load the 1XBet website to get started then login to your account to get started.
  • Click on ‘deposit’ to access the various methods to fund your account.
  • Select the ‘internet banking’ option that redirects you to the internet banking portal of GTBank.
  • Once on the GT Bank page, log in to your account to access funds.
  • Fill in your GTBank Login information which includes your user ID with GTBank and the password of your account then click on the Green button.
  • Select ‘Payments & Collections’ from the drop-down menu that appears on your screen.
  • Select ‘other payments’
  • Select ‘KC Gaming Networks Ltd.’ then confirm that you want to make a payment
  • This action will lead to another redirection to page requiring you to verify your User ID with bet9ja together with the amount you wish to deposit into your account.
  • Confirm the details you’ve provided
  • Confirm the bank transaction and pick the account you wish to pull the funds from to your betting account.
  • Answer your private security question and click on ‘Pay’ to authorize the transaction.
  • You’ll receive a receipt for the transaction of its successful and the money will reflect on your 1XBet account within no time at all.
  • Go back to your betting account and start placing bets.

Pay Via Agent

There are thousands of 1XBet shops spread all over the nation. You can use these shops to deposit funds into your account. Visit the nearest betting shop and ask the agent to help fund your account. You’ll be required to provide them with your login details. The agent will credit your account immediately with the amount you wish to deposit.

Withdrawing Winnings from your Account

The process for withdrawal is also an enticing feature for punters because it’s very swift and efficient too.

  • Open a blank browser page and load the 1XBet website to get started
  • Log into your account’
  • Click on ‘personal profile’ on the homepage of your account
  • Select ‘withdrawal’ from the menu provided
  • The winnings you’ve won so far will be provided as you balance
  • Click on ‘withdraw’ followed by the bank option you wish to use to access your funds.
  • Fill in the account number together with the total amount you wish to withdraw
  • Double-check the information provided before proceeding
  • Click on ‘withdraw’ to complete the process. The money will be credited to the account you’ve provided the site with.

Different 1XBet Bets

The betting market is very competitive in Nigeria and this had led many bookmakers to find different ways to attract their customers and keep them active too. 1XBet has made it possible to access more than one type of bet. This is very enticing to punters who may get bored with only the traditional methods available in all other sites too.

1xbet sports betting

This company gives you access to Accumulator bets which are very popular especially among veteran players who understand what they entail. This, however, doesn’t mean new users cannot use it too. Just take your time to understand how they operate. Accumulator bets are popular because they consist of several different selections on events that differ from each other. The stake of the bets is multiplied by the different odds from the selections which are how they determine the amount that you’ll receive at the end of the bet.

This type of bet is however not for the faint-hearted because one selection can cost you the whole bet. For this type of bet to succeed, all the selections must be correct otherwise the whole endeavor has failed.

This online gambling site offers its users another type of accumulator bet known as Stayer Accumulator. This type of accumulator entails adding a new selection to an already set accumulator bet. The accumulator bet getting the addition is single or multi which is done over 60 days.

When you receive the winnings from your accumulator bonus, you can choose to not withdraw rather roll it over and use it in the next accumulator leg as the stake for it.

The system bet is another type of bet provided by this bookmaker to its thousands of users. With this type of bet there are several accumulator bets which measure the same on selected outcomes chosen in advance.

1XBet provides betting options for Handicap which means it makes the playing field between two different sides become leveled out. Future bettings are mainly offered by this company. This means betting on potential outcomes that may take place in the future. An example can be predicting the winner of the 2020 English Premier League of the 2022 World Cup. This is however not limited to football only and can be used to predict future outcomes of all sports listed on this site.

Live Betting

1xbet live betting

Live betting has single-handedly take over the betting scene and changed how punters place their bets. Those sites that don’t offer this now popular feature have less traffic unlike those like 1XBet who do. Live betting enables punters to place their bets even after the match has started.

Odds on the live betting increase as the game progresses based on the progress of the two teams involved. The bet is based on which side you believe will emerge winner which will mean good profits for you too based on your stake. Players are allowed to make use of the Cashout option too as they bet.

You’re able to watch live matches through live streaming available through the site. All you need is a device like a PC or tablet and a good internet connection. Live streaming is significant because it will aid in your analysis of the match and help you place a good bet. 1XBet has made it possible for punters to watch multiple matches live at the same time which helps in making multibets too.


This company has made it possible for you to Cashout and this is accessible not only for real bets but those placed during live streaming too. Most online betting companies enable Cashout for games that are yet to start. This is why it’s very forward of this site to make it available for live betting too. When you Cashout, you get to take the winnings offered to you by the bookmaker. This will depend on the time you decide to Cashout.

For 1XBet, you’ll get the Cashout feature labeled as ‘Bet Slip Sale’ and all their punters are allowed to use it. When you Cashout, ensure the stake you made is funded by money that you deposited and not any promotional/bonus amount you received.

1Xbet Mobile App

Technological advancement is changing rapidly every day. This has seen the use of mobile phones increase to include Apps. Apps are a better way of accessing information for online betting if you can’t use a computer. They are also easier to follow your bets through than taking a computer everywhere you go. This bookmaker has taken advantage of the fact that millions of Nigerians have access to smartphones that can load Apps.

1xBet mobile app

The 1XBet app is very similar to the main website. It features the same hues of blue and white. You can register as a member of this site using the App too. There are noticeable differences due to the size of the Apps. It uses fewer images, services, and features than the parent site. It’s free to download and use the App.

But this shouldn’t deter you from using it. It’s as easy to navigate as the main site. The App makes use of tabs in place of a full description of each market available. You get to access live betting, different sports on the sportsbook, bonuses, and promotions through carefully selected tabs. All you have to do is tap at the one you want to access and it loads on your screen.

The interface of Apps has proven to be very efficient. You get to log into your account and place your bets easily. The App will keep you updated on the progress of your bets and you can even activate to get notifications when the match ends. This will help you not stay glued to your phone awaiting the outcome.

The App displays the different bonuses and promotions provided at that moment for you to use. You can click on the tabs and get to understand further what they entail.

1Xbet Mobile Version

Those who may not be able to comprehend how Apps work are not left behind. There is a mobile version of the main site available too. The mobile version is easy to navigate too just like the main website. The similarities are so many that you feel like you’re using the computer version on your phone.


1XBet continuous to grow its market in Nigeria because it’s able to appeal to the market and meet the demands of its punters. The fact that it gives you access to a large sportsbook makes it more interesting. Sites that concentrate on only a few sports can get repetitive after some time. Getting the latest features like live betting and Cashout for its players is a smart move on their part too.

This company continues to rapidly expand in Africa and across the world coming up with better packages too in the process. This is a win for future and present members alike. More should be done to get more promotions and bonuses on the platform though. Their odds are good, and this should never change if they wish to remain relevant among punter.

1xBet logo

The bookmaker offers its new users up to N35000 bonus for registering and becoming members.

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