BetKing Review

BetKing joined the Nigerian betting market back in 2018 and has since established itself. It came into online betting at a time the industry was flooded and still managed to cut a piece of the pie. It’s rated as one of the top companies in Nigeria. BetKing has managed to gain popularity not only in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria but in other states as well.

About BetKing

BetKing has managed to carve a niche in Football betting by bringing on board some of the most renowned footballers in Nigeria to take part in its advertising campaigns. Notable figures like J. J. Okocha are a smart move on the part of the company for more punters are attracted to sign on as members because they are great admirers and fans of this football legend. The way he is dressed and addresses the masses on the adverts is hard for many to resist!

This bookmaker runs betting shops that allow gamblers to access certain services. They can make deposits to their accounts, watch live matches, and place their bets on them too. The fact that many people converge at betting shops helps in marketing too. Punters are can be able to converge and psych each other in placing more bets which is a win for BetKing Ltd.

Members can access various markets on this site from different parts of the world. Sports is the main feature of this platform with punters accessing Football, baseball, snooker, badminton, ice hockey, tennis, water polo, skiing, golf, futsal, volleyball, handball, cricket, special events, alpine, cross-country, biathlon,  among others.

Features of BetKing Ltd. Website

The BetKing site is pretty straight forward. On the homepage, get to pick which category they want to access. Choose between ‘Become a member’ and ‘Become an Agent’. Selecting an agent means you want to set up a BetKing shop. This portal will take you through the application process. The handsome face of J.J. Okocha has featured predominantly on the site as a welcoming face which is not a bad touch for the company.

BetKing features

The dominant colors on the website are blue and white which are very calming when you load it. All the sports that members place bet on are featured on the left side of the homepage. The site is easy to navigate even for an inexperienced gambler. The main football matches happening in the European Football league are displayed in the middle. This is probably by design because most people who place bets are avid fans of these teams.

BetKing Promotions and Bonuses

BetKing home page

The Welcome Bonus

New users that register to this online betting platform are given a 100% bonus on the initial bonus made. This is by far the most common bonus among betting sites because it works. It gets new users to sign up in a bid to earn it. Who wouldn’t want to double their money? It is the most advertised bonus by this company.

Simply register your account and deposit an amount not exceeding 100000 Naira. The deposited amount is doubled shortly. An example if you deposit 5000 Naira into your new account, you get 10000 Naira in total deposited into it.

225% Accumulator Bonus

The accumulator bonus when you place a multibet/combo bet with 5 matches and above. You can earn a bonus of 5% with five selections on a bet up to 225% for 45 selections on one betslip.

Try to compare with Bet9ja Mobile – one of the best bookmakers in Nigeria, maybe you will find more suitable options.

Registering an Account at BetKing

This platform hasn’t been left behind when it comes to easing the registration process for new sign-ups.

BetKing registration process

  • Open a new browser on your PC
  • Input the BetKing Ltd. website
  • Click on ‘register’ to start the process
  • You’ll be directed to a registration form that you have to complete with correct details.
  • Create a username which you’ll use to log in to your account
  • Create a password and confirm it. Don’t share your password with anyone.
  • Input the other details including your full name, email, phone number, gender, date of birth, country, state of residence, city, and address.
  • Indicate whether you have a promotional code or not.
  • Accept to receive information from the company.
  • Confirm you’re above the gambling age limit of 18 and agree to the terms and agreement of the entity.
  • Click on ‘click here to submit’
  • An activation link will be sent to your email. Log into your email to click on it and activate your account.
  • Now log in and deposit money to place bets.

How to Deposit Money to BetKing

How to Deposit Money to BetKing

In a bid to make it as easy as possible for punters to deposit money into their accounts, this company has outdone itself in the number of channels it uses.



This simply requires depositing to the bookmaker from several selected banks. You have to visit a branch of the banks to fill up a deposit slip and complete the transaction. The banks used are GTB, Stanbic, Heritage Bank, CITI Bank, UBA, Unity Bank, Eco Bank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, and Wema bank.

Inform the teller that you want to complete Paypal transaction for your BetKing account and are using Paydirect. With this method, you can deposit a minimum amount of 100 Naira and 10000000. You’ll incur a transaction fee of 100Naira.



You have to access an ATM that can access either Quickteller or Interswitch.

  • Insert your ATM card into the slot and fill in your PIN
  • From the menu that you get on the screen, select ‘Quickteller’
  • Select the type of account you have with that particular bank
  • Fill in the code for the betting company 04314801 then fill in your User ID for BetKing.
  • Follow this by inputting the amount you want to deposit
  • Input your phone number
  • Click on ‘Proceed’
  • When the transaction is successful, you’ll get a receipt confirming this. This service charges N100 and the least amount it allows to deposit is N100 with the most being N10000000.


United Bank of Africa

UBA makes use of the mobile App for BetKing Ltd. to transact.

  • Log into your account using the mobile app
  • Select the button for ‘Bills and payment’
  • Fill in the details requested including your account number to continue with the transaction
  • Select the ‘Betting and lottery’ option
  • Select ‘BetKing’
  • Click ‘Deposit’ and fill in the amount you want to transact into your gambling account
  • Follow this by tapping on ‘Continue’ and ‘Authorize’ to complete the process
  • Your account will be charged N100 service fee plus the transacted amount
  • This method has a set minimum deposit of N50

Skye Collect


  • Find the nearest Skye Collect branch
  • Get a deposit slip and fill in the required information
  • Provide the User ID of your betting account to prove your identity
  • Fill in the amount you want to deposit in your betting account
  • Let the teller know the money goes into your BetKing account
  • The teller will credit the amount immediately.
  • You’ll be charged N50 for the transaction
  • Deposit a the smallest amount of N100 and the largest of N 10000000



To deposit using GTB, you must have an account with them and have access to mobile banking.

  • Open a blank browser page and input the official site of GTB
  • Log in to your GTB online portal
  • Click on ‘Payment and collection’
  • Select ‘BetKing’
  • Fill in your User ID
  • Fill in the amount you want to deposit into your account
  • After confirming the details, click on ‘Confirm and continue’
  • Select the account to pay the transaction
  • You’ll get an online receipt confirming all the details.
  • You’ll be charged N50 for the transaction. The least you can deposit using GTB is N100 and the most is N1000000.

Mobile Transaction via Zenith Bank

To transact using Zenith Bank, you must have an account with them and have downloaded their app on your phone.

  • Log in to your account using the Zenith Bank App
  • Select the main ‘menu’
  • Select ‘Payment and Collection’
  • Select ‘Gaming or Lottery’
  • Select ‘BetKing’
  • Fill in the amount you wish to deposit into your account
  • Fill in your BetKing User ID
  • Click on ‘continue’
  • The service will give you a receipt of the transacted amount
  • You’ll be charged N100 for the service
  • The least you can deposit is N100 and the most if N3000000

Withdrawing Winnings from BetKing

It’s as easy to withdraw your winnings from your account as it is depositing funds into it.

  • Log in to your account using your Username and password
  • Select ‘my account’ from the menu
  • Select ‘withdraw’
  • Fill in your account number on the space provided
  • Select the name of the bank you use
  • Fill in the amount of money you wish to withdraw
  • Click ‘accept’ to complete the transaction
  • The transaction will take one day for the amount to reflect on your bank account
  • No fee is charged while withdrawing

Placing a Bet

Everything about this platform is simple and swift. It’s as easy to place a bet too

  • Open a blank browser and input the official Bet King website
  • Log into your account using your username and password
  • Select the odds and codes which you want to bet on from the ones provided for your preferred sport.
  • Take your time with your selection
  • Select a tournament and tap on ‘proceed’
  • There is a wide variety of different types of betting provided on this platform plus book markets too. Pick the ones you wish to bet on together with the best odds for each.
  • Fill in the amount you wish to stake on your bet
  • Click on ‘proceed’
  • Click ‘confirm’ on the message that pops-up on your screen
  • A message confirming the placed bet will appear on your screen

Re-betting on Bet King

This company has made it possible for punters to rebet using a coupon check.

  • Open a blank browser and key in the official BetKing site
  • Log into your account using your username and password
  • Fill in the code of the coupon on the check bar for coupons
  • Find the coupon code at the bottom of the bet slip
  • Select ‘rebet’ on the menu provided
  • This will prompt your betslip to appear on the screen to access the selections that are still open. Closed selections cannot be adjusted.
  • Add or remove events from your betslip
  • You’re allowed to also make rebets using the betlist too
  • Log into your account
  • Click on ‘my account’ on the main menu
  • Click on ‘bet search’
  • Choose from the list of bets provided
  • Click on ‘rebet’ and fill in the bet you want to make.

Becoming a Shop Agent for BetKing

One of the most prominent features of the site is ‘Become an Agent’. This enables you to runs a BetKing shop which has proven to be a very lucrative venture for those with authorization to run one. The procedure to become an agent is not easy though, but it’s worth the hustle for being such a profitable venture.

Became a BetKing agent

Shop agents can earn a weekly commission of 30% from the shop proceeds together with a variety of promotions and bonuses from the parent company. When your application is approved, the company will install free equipment in your betting shop to get you off the ground. You’ll be able to get fast payments and competitive odds through the shop plus huge selections using individual tickets.

You’re able to access a great support system as an agent. You’ll be required though to part with a certain amount as capital but it’s normally low.

There are some requirements that you must meet before applying to become an official agent of this platform. You must locate and lease a shop in a very busy environment with a lot of foot traffic of potential customers to your store. The shop should be big enough to cater to the customers and have 5 cashiers at any given time. Locate the shop in an area where there are no other agents within walking distance.

Ensure you purchase laptops for your shop not less than three to help with operations. Apply and connect a fast and reliable internet connection from a good service provider. It must run consistently throughput without unnecessary interruptions. Install two thermal printers in your shop. Install a working generator to the store to help due to power outages.

After completing your application process and confirming all the requirements, keep track of your application to note which category it’s in at any one time. It might be ‘pending validation’ or ‘assigned to CE’ meaning it moving on up. Next comes ‘assigned for inspection’ where an official from BetKing ltd. will visit the shop to inspect whether you’ve met all the requirements.

In case you don’t meet the requirements yet, you can reschedule the inspection then your application will proceed to ‘on hold’ for more clarification. At this point, your application will either be ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’.

If rejected, you can inquire why, make the necessary adjustments, and apply again after some time. If accepted, your status will read ‘approved’ and you’ll be provided with an authorization certificate to become an official agent. You can then open your shop after installation of all support equipment from BetKing and start earning.

BetKing Mobile App

Like many other betting platforms, this platform has provided its users with an app too. With the app, you can access your account, place your bets, and check on your progress from anywhere at any time. This is welcomed news by many punters who have open bets on the line. This bookmaker saw the necessity of providing its members with another option for betting other than logging into the main site. They may not be able to access a computer at all times but a large percentage has access to smartphones.

Downloading the app makes it more convenient for mobile phone users to access their accounts at all times. This is due to the advancement in technology for many phone users that have access to android phones. You can access the app or the mobile version of this platform using your phone without any hassle.

It’s very simple to access your account on your phone not to mention very convenient too. you don’t have to be planted in front of a computer all day awaiting the results of the bets you have placed. You simply have to check your phone while going about your business.

BetKing has two mobile versions. The older version works best with older phone models that were less tech-savvy. The new version, however, contains the latest codes and layout that is best accessed using the latest smartphones with additional technology in them. Older punters prefer the older version because it is easy to navigate and they are used to it already. Changing to them is too much of an inconvenience hence why the company chose to retain this version.

The layout and design of the new mobile version are very impressive, to say the least. More tech-savvy gamblers will find it quite intriguing. They can even access live matches to place their bets on.


BetKing is here to stay. Despite being fairly new to the industry, it’s made impressive strides to establish itself as a sort after bookmaker too. It’s easy to register as a punter, make deposits, and request a withdrawal which is what most gamblers look for in a betting site. There is still more room for growth especially in advancing their new mobile version with the daily updates in technology.

BetKing logo

Simply register your account and deposit an amount not exceeding 100000 Naira. The deposited amount is doubled shortly.

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