NaijaBet Review

Fun and entertainment are not the only reason people love sports. There is a select group of people who take part in sport and sporting events because it provides them an opportunity to bet for financial gain. Over the years, gambling has grown and has taken different forms to allow inclusivity for the interested parties. Bets are placed online or in betting shops with the hope of winning money from predicted scores. Online betting has proven to be a more accessible and convenient way of betting, and as such, the demand for services. Many companies are offering online betting platforms and services. One such online company is NaijaBet.

NaijaBet features

Naija Bet is an online sportsbook that is licensed and based in Nigeria. The online betting website is owned by NaijaBet Limited, which offers the perfect avenue for Residents and Non-residents in Africa and across the world to bet. With NaijaBet being a relatively new company in the betting industry, it has managed to create something amazing. The company emphasizes on customer satisfaction by focusing on offering a safe betting environment for the clients. The emphasis on customer service makes it a reputable company with a promising future. The platform also provides some not-so-common market like the latest political development, alpine skiing, and chess, and this sets it apart from its counterparts.

Naijabet Website’s Features

  • The website interface has a design that is easy and efficient to navigate. The website has a black background with white font and a green logo on top of the homepage. A punter can easily browse the site looking for his preferences with no hassle.
  • The website is available in the English language.
  • The site displays a four-column layout. At the far left is the Sports menu Leagues, in the middle of the homepage is the Highlights and the Top coupons and Winners and finally on the far right and the betting slips and live betting.
  • Once you have placed a bet, a bet slip will is on display at the far right corner.
  • The panter can switch in between different items, i.e., sports, casinos, live, virtual, and the other options available on the black toolbar at the top of the homepage.
  • The better has different options for displaying their odds: Malay, Hong Kong, Decimal, and American styles.

NaijaBet Mobile Betting App

NaijaBet mobile app

  • It has many similarities with the desktop features, with the same features of a black background, white text, and a green logo on the top complete with a login menu.
  • All the details are on display on the five lists, and you are a tap away from placing your bet.
  • It is available in the English Language.
  • It is compatible with android four and above versions.
  • It is user-friendly and also used by professional punters.
  • Easy to use when making withdrawals and payments.
  • It offers live betting, and you can also adjust your odds.
  • Secure Transactions
  • It has multiple betting options.
  • You get updates on the latest games/events

NaijaBet Old And New Mobile Website

There is no significant difference between these two NaijaBet mobile websites. Other online betting companies have made substantial changes in their interfaces, which sometimes make it hard for users. Naijebet has done some updates, but nothing too significant to discourage the application user. NaijaBet has still maintained its easy to use interface. The only notable difference is the fact that the new version is a slimmer version of the older mobile interface. Clients have expectations after and upgrade. The only downside is that the website may not be able to meet the users’ expectations.

Great alternative for Bet9jaMobile.

NaijaBet: How to Register?

Membership is only open to a person of 18 years and above. You are not charged any money for signing up. The process is simple and straight forward. Ensure that you have a reliable internet as this will save you lots of time. Ensure that the information you use to sign up is correct and verifiable. You want to make sure you use your legal name, or your name as it appears in your legal documents, or bank account.

naijaBet registration process

  • Visit the website (click the link):
  • Click on the button indicated ‘Join Now’ on the top homepage.
  • Fill in the form with your details
  • Ensure the information you have given is correct.
  • Once completed, click on submit.
  • You will receive an email with an activation link, click on the link to complete the activation process.

Naijabet  is strict and only allows one account per person. Multiple account holders are at risk of loosing  their accounts. You can always change your password if you can not access your account or if you have forgotten the password.

NaijaBet has a vast way of depositing funds into the account. The betting company accepts payments through the following payment options. Interswitch Debit Cards, Master Card, Visa cards, ATM Cards using the Fidelity Paygate, or direct deposit into the official NaijaBet account.

NaijaBet banking

You can deposit using into the NaijaBet account with the following options:

Option 1: Bank Deposit

Use the NaijaBet Bank account number to make direct bank deposits.

  1. The website has the company’s account numbers
  2. Use your username to pay into the company’s bank account
  3. Log in into your NaijaBet and click on the ‘deposit Fund’ button on the left then click on “Bank Transfer’
  4. Enter the deposit details from your previous transaction and submit.

The Admin will confirm receipt of the deposit.

Option 2 – Card payment

  1. Use your account name and pin to login into your NaijaBet account
  2. Click on the deposit fund tab and the select GTpay or the Fidelity pay gate
  3. Input the amount of money to want to transfer
  4. Then select the payment option ber thati.e. is Mastercard, Visa or Interswtch
  5. Confirm payment after entering your cards details
  6. Once it is successful, check your NaijaBet account to confirm if the funds have receipt of the funds.

Options 3: M cash Platform

M-cash is a mobile payment method that does not require data from any Nigerian Bank. Register the mobile number that you will use to initiate this transaction. Make sure that it is the same number to sign up for your Naijabet account. If the number on the website is not the same, you can also log into your NaijaBet account. Click on my account and then edit the profile with the new number.

How to make the Mcash Transaction

  1. The USSD code is dependent on your bank. Here is a list of the different. The user ID/Order is your Username on Naijabet. Dial *402*77000999*Amount# if you bank with other banks
  2. Select the name of the bank and then the account in which to transfer the funds.
  3. If you are a first time user, input your date of birth as it appears on the bank statement.
  4. It will then prompt you to create a pin. The password is what you will use for all your naijabet transactions.
  5. Once the deal goes through, a receipt will display on the screen, and the funds will automatically reflect on your Naijabet account.

Option 4-GTBank transfer

It is the best option for someone who prefers to have an automatic deposit into their NaijaBet account. All you have to do is;

  • Use the number that you registered with GTBank.
  • The Dial *737*50* the amount of money you wish to deposit and the *46#. (*737*50*amount*46#)
  • Enter your reference I.d which is your naijabet username
  • At this point, input the last four numbers of your GTBank Debit card the proceed to make the 
  • After a complete and successful transaction, a receipt will reflect on your NaijaBet account.

How to place a bet on NaijaBet?

  1. Login into your account.
  2. Log into your account by visiting, and follow the instructions. Should you, by any chance, have forgotten your password, click on the ‘forgot password ‘and follow the instructions on how to reset your password.
  3. Input something safe but easy to remember, you don’t want to be resetting your password every other time you want to play.

How to place a bet on NaijaBet?

Here is how to place a bet online

  1. com will take you straight to the website where you already have an account. Here you will have all the games on display.
  2. Choose your game- You do have many options from which to choose. All the sports and sporting events are on display, and it is up to you what you want to choose. The site has sport features, virtual games, casinos, among others. Say you have selected football, there’s a drop-down menu on the left side of the homepage. Then choose the country of choice; this is dependent on the league on want to bet.
  3. Stake and Place your bet. Choose your preferred game. The next step is to enter the amount of money you want to stake and then click on the tab ‘Place Bet.’ Please note that this is only possible if you already have funds in your NaijaBet account.

Be sure with the bet you want to place and how much you want to stake. Once you have already placed your bet, you are not allowed to cancel your bet once there is confirmation.

Increase your chances of winning 

  • You should always have a strategy and a well-laid betting plan. Do not go in blindly.
  • Join different forums and discussions where people discuss and even predict scores. Learn to share ideas and implement new ideas you have learned.
  • Learn everything there is to learn and be an expert in your choice of sport. You have a better chance of winning when you are investing in a game you understand best.
  • Do not allow personal preference affect your bets; you are punter first and a fan second. You don’t want to bet for your team when it is the weaker one, that is a recipe for disaster.

Do things differently when you notice your strategies are no longer sufficient. You are here to make money, if something is not working, look for another way to make it work.

NaijaBet Welcome Bonus and Free Bets

NaijaBet does not offer any welcomes bonus. It does give you a free sign up. And there are no withdrawal limits.

Asian handicap

The Asian handicap market offers the best avenues for betting for footballer betters who are looking for something different from the tradition bet of 1X2. There is a perceived quality difference in a football match. Dispositional and situational factors determine the difference in variations. Home field advantage, financial strength, formation, Historical performance, and player availability are some of the factors that determine the changes. Bookmakers analyze and interpret these factors to represent each team’s chances of winning. Asian handicap market removes the “draw” option, which levels the playing field resulting in better Odds. Whether a unit is a favorite or an underdog is, a positive or negative handicap is applicable on either side.

Live Bets live bets

Live betting is very popular with online gamblers. The high demand for the feature has dictated what new betting sites should capitalize on to remain competitive. Naijabet has not is left behind when it comes to this particular feature. NaijaBet offers an excellent live betting platform with the best odds and a broad betting market. You can access this feature on the homepage, where it is on display on the right side. Click on the button live on the top part of the website for you to enjoy all the in-play events. You can also take control of your winnings by taking advantage of the cash-out feature.

Market and Odds

Naijabet offers a wide range of the market. You have the option of betting on the many popular sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, among others. Or if you are up to the challenge, you can bet on the not so common sports like Politics, Alpine skiing, and Chess. A list of top football leagues is on display on the left top part of the homepage. The most popular games and events of the day would be on display in the middle of the website. Soccer is the biggest market in Naijabet. There is a significant number of betting markets for both the Premier League and the Champions’ League. You can place as many as you wish. There’s the more traditional 1X2, the Asian handicap, or bet on the first scorer.

NaijaBet Affiliate Program

While the Niajabet is purely a betting company, it has other ways of making money for its users. It is an easy way for bloggers, online markets, and website owners to earn money. You are eligible for up to 55% net revenue every end of the month for every referral under your name. Any user that has used the NaijaBet link from your site or blog will be under you. You can then earn a commission from the profits NaijaBet is making from the said person.

The NaijaBet Casino

Naijabet Casino

Not the best feature there is, but functional. Casinos are not as popular as soccer/football betting. It is not a complete waste if you want some slots and games. Naijabet has about 55 casino games like Dolphins and Pearls, Lord of the Oceans, Gorillas, Book of Ra, Columbus, and Sizzling Hot, among others. We hope to see more development in this area soon.

Customer Care

The website has a design that’s super easy to use, and in most cases, you would not need customer service. But there are times you may run into some difficulties and you may need the customer service for help. Their customer does not support live chat, but they do have a great section on the FAQ that answers most of the commonly asked question. The section on questions and answers is very detailed and very informative. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for on the website, you can contact them through the numbers contact details below. They are available 24/7


NaijaBet may not be the most sophisticated betting there is, but it is giving established companies a run for their money. The simple website is simple and easy to navigate, making user-friendly. The betting company focuses on customer satisfaction, which is key in business; a happy client will always come back for more. Naijabet may not have sign-up bonuses, but it does make up for what it lacks in other areas. For instance, the fact that there are charges on your transactions. Also, the fact that there is no limit on withdrawals is a plus. Naija Bet makes up for the lack of sign up bonuses by making sure that it is inclusive and offers much more to the public by offering the not so popular sports like alpine skiing, chess, and even politics. NaijaBet allows you to use different options of displaying your odds i.e., the American, Decimal, HongKong, and Mayal styles.

NaijaBet logo

NaijaBet does not offer any welcomes bonus.

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