Nairabet Review

Nairabet was founded at a time when the online betting wave was sweeping through Africa and is run by Gel Altitude Nigeria Limited. Countries like Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda have experienced a boom in the number of sites that have set up shop in the respective countries. The same can also be witnessed in Nigeria. Nairabet ltd. was founded by Akin Alabai who is well-known philanthropist in 2009.

The bookmaker is well established having been operational for more than 10 years with deep roots and is fully registered under the NLRC (Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission). It is based in Lagos but has set up bet shops all across the country. It gives punters a chance to access a variety of markets that adds to its popularity.

Nairabet home page

The main market for the site is sports with access to about 20 different sports from across the world. The main sport that is loved by most Nigerians and sees the most bets placed is Football. Users of Nairabet are able to access hundreds of matches from both local and international leagues to bet on. All they require is a registered account and money deposited into that account to place their selected bets.

This company is the official sponsor of the Shooting Stars SC who is a member of the Nigerian Football League. Other sports that members can bet on include Aussie rules, hockey, darts, basketball, tennis, cycling, bowling, squash, handball, baseball, cricket, table tennis, boxing, badminton, motorsports, snooker, rugby, futsal, ice hockey, snooker, among others. Select the category you’re interested in and place your bets easily.

Nairabet Ltd. has different markets to offer its punters that include Asian handicap, winning margins, under/over, match winner and odds/evens of total games. This leads to users getting access to different types of bets to choose from. They include systems, singles, combos, and multibets.

The site always strives to make the betting experience as smooth and efficient to all as possible thus making available daily coupons and suggestions of different bets too. This goes a long way to help new members who aren’t as versed in betting. This site offers its members some of the highest odds available in the Nigerian betting environment adding to its popularity. Only residents of Nigeria can use the site.

Nairabet Features

This bookmaker operates two sites, and The main site is the easiest to navigate giving even the least experienced gambler an easy time in locating the information required. Upon loading the site on a PC, a mini pop-up window appears on the left to guide users on different areas including how to fund, withdrawal, bet placement, the bet is yet to be updated, bet history, and any other inquiries you may have. This customer care chat is available 24/7 ready to assist as needed.

NairaBet features

The options of different markets including live betting, casino, and games are clearly labeled at the top of the homepage. The right top corner contains the login area where you get to access your account by filling in your user name and password. New members get to register their accounts by clicking on ‘register’ to commence the process.

All sports are listed on the left of the homepage for easy access. Click on the one you wish to bet on and view the ongoing matches. This easy to follow website makes Nairabet the ideal company to register to. It’s clearly labeled and simple to follow and understand. This makes users enjoy their experience and not get stuck following complex options.

The Nairabet shop is predominantly a sports site that shows all the sports available and the matches that you can bet on. It also shows live betting too.

Nairabet Bonuses and Promotions

Bonus on the First Bet

This bookmaker gives its new members a 100% bonus on the stake they make on their very first bet. The bet only applies to the initial bet made on the new account. You have to place a multi-bet to qualify with minimum odds of 1.2 each. Games with lower odds don’t qualify for this bonus. The promotional bonus is credited to your promotional account and not your main betting account. You, therefore, can’t withdraw this money.

The bonus has to be used up in full on the next bet you place. You’re not allowed to use it partially. You must, therefore, place a stake on the next bet that equals the amount on your promotional account. If the bet wins, however, the winnings are deposited into your main betting account minus the amount that was on your promotional account. The winnings can be withdrawn.

You can only place the initial bet to have a minimum stake of 50 Naira and a maximum of 50000 Naira. The bonus must be claimed and used by midnight the next day after being awarded.

Accumulator ‘Edit your Bet’ Feature

Most companies don’t offer the chance to edit a bet once it’s been placed. However the same cannot be said about this one. It has a special feature for its punters to edit their already placed bets. This truly is one entity that cares for its users. Amend your bet when you think of a new aspect you want to use.

The editing feature is only available for a multibet with more than 5 selections in it. You can select the edit feature and make amends to any bet placed for the available sports. You’re able to reduce the amounts of bets placed by removing some to remain with fewer bets. You can also add more games to your multibet.

You have to note that you can add the stake but aren’t permitted to reduce it. Editing on a placed multibet is only permitted once.

Unique Nairabet Products

NairaBet England Special Bets

Special Bets

This is a one-of-a-kind feature available on this company that available in the bet section. You get a chance to choose from pre-selected combo bets on a variety of matches from different leagues across the world. The combos have pre-calculated odds that rise to double digits.

This feature is similar to a small Jackpot because you have to bet on several events but the difference comes in terms of the cash prize. This feature, unlike a jackpot, has no set cash prize. The stake placed determines the amount won by the placed bet and the odds of this bet. The best gamblers enjoy this feature for they are able to turn a profit from analyzing the offered combos.

The Colossus Bet Section

Here there are several jackpots available for you. You can combine bets from various matches on football and combine them to come up with one bigger amount to win. The jackpots available here aren’t limited to the selected markets but also contain the Asian handicap too. Predicting the correct score is also considered.

The Bet Sharing Feature

You can find yourself with a sure bet in the form of a combo that you wish to share with a friend but repeating the list of selections is too tiresome. Nairabet Ltd. has come up with a solution for you. After making your selections on the betslip, at the bottom there is a button for ‘Get bet code’ that you can use to share the combo with. Clicking on the button produces a specific code that can be used to identify this particular combo.

Share this code with your friend which allows them to place a similar bet too. All they have to do is copy the code and fill it in the ‘load bet code’ section of the betslip. The site will generate the combo similar to yours. Experienced punters enjoy this feature for they’re able to place similar bets across a group of players of friends.

Nairabet: Registration Process

NairaBet registration process

It’s pretty simple to register an account with this bookmaker.

  • Open a new browsing page on your smartphone or PC
  • Key in the Nairabet ltd. website
  • Click on ‘register’ at the top right corner of the homepage
  • Fill in the required details making sure to only give the correct information
  • Fill in the promotional code if you have one.
  • Confirm your age to be above the gambling limit of 18.
  • Click to accept both the terms and conditions and the privacy policy
  • Click on ‘create account’ to activate it.
  • This leads to another form requiring more information on gender, full name, address, and date of birth (DOB).
  • Complete the registration process by once more clicking ‘create account’

An email will be sent to your address that you’ll use to activate your account. It’s that simple. Next will be to deposit money into your account and place your bets.

Depositing Funds to Nairabet Account

Betting on this platform requires you to deposit some cash on your account after a successful registration. This money is what you’ll use to place your bets on the preferred selections. Depositing money into your account is quite simple.

  • Open a blank browser page on your smartphone or PC
  • Key in the Nairabet website.
  • Log into your account using the username and password
  • Click on the ‘my account’ option on the homepage on the old site and click the profile icon located on the new site.
  • The page that follows will have several selections one being ‘deposit’. Click on it on the old site. The new site has a ‘deposit’ button which you have to click.
  • After clicking the deposit, the old site will give you a drop-down menu for you to select your payment method. The same happens on the new site though this will have icons of the different payment methods. Not only their names.
  • The different methods listed include pay by agent, bank deposit, pay at ATM, online banking, pay with BANKIT by transact, Quickteller, GT Collections, Pay with NIBBS, and pay with ATM Card. There is no shortage of payment methods to choose from.

Pay to Agent

The pay to Agent option redirects you to a page offering more information on where to locate Nairabet agents. Visit a Nairabet shop near you and ask the agent to deposit for you a certain amount in your account. Provide the agent with your login details. They will credit the amount into your account shortly.

Another option is to purchase a voucher from the agent with a code that you can input at the bottom of the ‘pay agent’ information box that appears on your screen.

Deposit via Bank

There are a number of banks you can deposit money into your account through. These banks include Fidelity Bank, FCMB, First Bank, UBA, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Access Bank, and Sterling Bank. The teller will provide you with a deposit slip that you must fill in. The account name in ‘NairaBET’ and the account number is your unique Nairabet account ID.

After login into your account, your unique user ID is written in the top right area.

Pay at the ATM

  • Visit the nearest ATM of the bank you use.
  • Put in your ATM card in the slot and fill in your PIN
  • The transaction page will open.
  • Select ‘Quickteller’ which will display a list of different merchants
  • Select ‘others’ after which you’ll be asked to fill in the merchant’s code
  • There are several codes available for this entity depending on the amount you want to transact.
  • Find out the different codes to use from the website and fill in the correct one. An example of a code is N1000: 04276810 for 1000 Naira. These codes range up to 4000 Naira.
  • The amount exceeding 5000 Naira requires a special code 04276806. You’ll be requested to fill in the amount you want to deposit followed by your Nairabet customer ID.
  • Confirm all the details before proceeding. Fill in your cell number if requested.
  • Click on ‘yes’ to complete the transaction. ‘
  • The amount will be credited to your account within no time.

Online Banking

Online banking is one of the best methods to fund your account for you don’t need to include any third party in the transaction. Access the internet banking platform of your bank by login in. you’ll need your customer ID from Nairabet to transact with.

  • Open the website of your bank and on the homepage click on ‘login’
  • Fill in your banking username and password to access your account online.
  • Select the ‘internet banking’ option
  • Select ‘make payments’ which will redirect you to several payments
  • Select ‘other payments’
  • Select the option with either ‘Nairabet’ or ‘Gel Altitude Nigeria Ltd.’
  • This option will redirect you to ‘make new payments’
  • Fill in your customer ID for NairaBET, select the type of payment, fill in the amount to deposit, your first, and last name too.
  • Click on ‘Pay’ to authorize the transaction.
  • When the transaction is complete, you’ll receive an online receipt with details of the payment.

This procedure may vary from one bank to another. Find out the correct procedure for your bank.

Debit Card

From the different payment methods displayed on either the new website or the old one, select the ‘pay with ATM’ option.

  • Fill in the amount you want to deposit to your account.
  • Follow this by choosing ‘Interswitch Webpay’ then click on ‘confirm deposit’
  • This will lead you to the Interswitch platform to continue the process.
  • Fill in your card number which is the 16-digit number on your ATM
  • Fill in the month and year when the ATM will expire (MM/YY)
  • Fill in the CVV number which is the three-digit number at the back of the ATM
  • Click on ‘Pay’ to complete the transaction.

Nairabet Mobile Versions

NairaBet mobile app

NairabetOld Mobile Version

Most gamblers on this platform prefer to access it by using their mobile phones than on a PC. This is because mobile phones are more accessible and easy to use. The website tends to load slowly on mobile phones and this is why the company has availed an app that contains all the features of the main website. The app is advantageous because you get to place your bet no matter where you are across the world.

Any user that wants to download the app is given a choice between downloading the old and the new version. Many punters still prefer to use the old version. Why? Because it’s more familiar to them and easier to use. Navigating through the old version requires only clicking a button to get from one area to the other. Many bets placed using the app for football are made using the old version.

NairabetNew Mobile Version

The new mobile version of Nairabet is more sleek and sophisticated. Mostly it’s used by young punters who know how to navigate through this new interface with ease. Older members tend to stay away from it and use the more familiar old version. The new version uses more advanced codes and programs giving it a more modern look as well. It’s always updated with the latest betting software too.

Using the new version you can access the live betting portal and follow different matches in real-time. This allows you to place your bets as you follow them. The new version allows new users to register an account without having to access the main site. The screen format is very similar in every way to the main site. It appears to be a mini-website on your phone.

Compare with Bet9ja Mobile and choose what suits you best.


This bookmaker is popular in Nigeria and this is only the beginning. With more advances made on how it operates like adapting the latest betting software, the sky is the limit. Making it easy to register an account and deposit money is a plus too. Register an account today and get started enjoying the betting experience of NairaBET Ltd.

NairaBet logo

This bookmaker gives its new members a 100% bonus on the stake they make on their very first bet.

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